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  • Hip Hop, Foto: Maick Maciel, Unsplash

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Special Hip Hop Workshop mit Andrew Resurreccion (Zürich).

Andrew Resurreccion is originally from Washington DC, but currently lives in Zürich Switzerland. He has been teaching Hip Hop dance for over 20 years. Alongside teaching he has been on many tours, music videos, tv shows, musical, and movies as a dancer and choreographer. A couple years back he directed, wrote and choreographed a swiss dance film that was released in the cinemas in Switzerland.

Andrew is known for teaching various different dance styles, but for the workshop, Andrew plans on teaching a commercial hiphop style dance choreography. He wishes to share his love for dance, and hopes everyone will leave his class with a smile!

Unterrichtssprache Englisch.

26.11.2022 // SA 15:00-17:00
28 € / erm. 24 €

Der Workshop muss leider abgesagt werden.

Workshop im Rahmen des TTW Tanz-Intensiv Wochenendes. Weitere Workshops und Buchung mit Rabatt hier.


  • Hip Hop, Foto: Maick Maciel, Unsplash

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Sa, 26.11.22
15:00 - 17:00
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Andrew Resurreccion