• Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt, Journeying, SVUNG Research Group, Foto: Kinga Szemessy

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Juxtaposing the blood in our veins with a train in the tunnels

Interdisciplinary movement workshop for professionals and amateurs.
No prior experience needed

Moving around, migration is very present in our life (and in society): people fleeing in masses because of political and environmental events, people choosing to be digital nomads, changing cities for study, work, economic stability or love. The European Union itself is inviting its citizens to move around freely. Did we become addicted to travelling and relocation? Do we acknowledge enough the sometimes emerging crave for settling? How to carry a home with you? What fits in a standard size suitcase?

We aim to play around with this strange plight, and how these mental and physical spaces can be used as inspiration, a field of exploration and game. How does traveling affect our body (tiredness, pain, jetlag)? How does it feel to be on the way to somewhere (knowing where the road takes us or not)? How can we reflect on what we leave behind?

What does it do to think of a ‘journey’ not as a noun, a phenomenon outside of us, but as a verb, ‘journeying’ which is both done by us and happens with us. Our project aims to destabilise the idea that long-distance travels are waste of time and instead proposing tools for a deeper somatic experience of journeying.

06.05.2023 // SA 10:00-15:00
56 € / erm. 48 €

Unterrichtssprache Englisch.

SVUNG Reseach Group - Budapest, Ungarn
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  • Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt, Journeying, SVUNG Research Group, Foto: Kinga Szemessy

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Sa, 06.05.23
10:00 - 15:00
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