Gaga/people classes

Gaga is a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin, the choreographer and artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company, Israel. Gaga classes are predicated on a deep listening to the body and to physical sensations. The research of Gaga is fundamentally physical and has an improvisational nature, insisting on a process of embodiment and awareness. It provides a framework for discovering and strengthening the body and adding flexibility, stamina and skills including coordination and efficiency while stimulating the senses and imagination. Participants awaken numb areas and are encouraged to connect to pleasure inside moments of effort.

Smadar Goshen guides the participants using a series of instructions that build one on top of the other. Rather than copying a particular movement, each participant in the class actively explores these instructions, discovering how he or she can interpret the information and perform the task at hand. Gaga/people classes offer a creative framework for participants to connect to their bodies and imaginations, increase their physical awareness, improve their flexibility and stamina, and experience the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere.

Gaga/people classes are open to all people. No previous dance experience is needed. Unterrichtssprache Englisch.

07.10.2020 - 10.02.2021 // MI 18:45 - 19:45, 14 Mal
182 € / erm. 154 €

K115 // 

L // Smadar Goshen


©Efrat Mazor
©Efrat Mazor