A bag is a private space. Digging into it is for sure a discovering experience. This series, entitled TaschenTanz, presents some of the dancers and dance teachers of Zeitgenössische Tanztage 2015 (Contemporary Dance Days 2015) through material culture. These visual stories of objects purposefully arranged, offer the chance to learn more about the persons through this odd mixture of things. Their bags are reassuring, full of confronters to cope with the everyday challenges of their art. This voyeuristic glimpse aims to get to know them better by relating them with the objects they carry with them. Zeitgenössische Tanztage, presented by Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt (TTW), induce participants to meet different dancers and experience a »dance tasting«, since Contemporary Dance is not only about music, culture or technique but also about the dancer itself.

Author // Theodora Matziropoulou
Photographer // Shana Kappus Advisory
TTW Team // Carina Clay, Gordana Ancic

This mini project was implemented within the job-shadowing period of stART. Tanz- und Theater Werkstatt is one of the 30 German cultural institutions, which offer to Greek scholars the chance to get qualified in international cultural management through the program »stART Youth Culture Initiatives in Greece«. stART is a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung conducted in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and the Bundesvereinigung Soziokultureller Zentren e.V. (German Association of Sociocultural Centers).